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Our work with Health Care Providers

We help health care providers link their operational and financial systems so the two work in tandem, efficiently providing the useful, timely financial communications and information needed to set and reach strategic goals.  We do this by working with management and staff in both Operations and Finance to: Identify the information-needs of Operations and Finance in relation to the organization's strategic goals; Assess current financial management, communications, and reporting systems; Identify potential revenue enhancement, operational efficiency, and cost-cutting opportunities; Identify specific ways financial and operational systems can be integrated and improved; Develop action-plans to integrate Operations and Finance; Implement, monitor and adjust action-plans; and Help align employee efforts and organizational goals by providing information, training, team building, coaching and support.

We provide management and strategic consulting services including but not limited to: Organization Chart analysis and review; Review and revise policies and procedures; Develop strategic action plans to respond to issues identified in key financial reports; and Analyze financial reporting effectiveness and improve the reporting process.