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Financial - Technical - Management - Human systems
Conducting Various Financial and Management Studies.

Working closely with the Finance Department, Dean of the Medical School, and Department Chairs and Administrators, we:

Studied business management functions and staffing for the Department of Medicine and developed recommendations and a plan for improvement;

Performed a special analysis of the Department of Medicine's Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care and Allergy Division;

Reviewed clinical productivity and revenues for the Department of Ophthalmology;

Studied programs and funding for the Department of Mental Health Sciences and made recommendations for reorganizing financial management;

Reviewed and reorganized management and reporting systems for $10-million in outside funds;

Created a comprehensive table of organization plan, working with a task force that included the heads of Personnel and Information Services;

Reviewed staffing of the Office of the Dean of the Medical School, prepared a reorganization plan for the Dean and drafted new position descriptions for all Associate and Assistant Deans; and

Established data-gathering procedures for use in planning a proposed Ambulatory Care facility.