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Designing and Installing an Integrated, University-Wide Budgeting System

We worked closely with the Director of Budgeting, Dean of the Medical School, other Deans and selected Department Chairs to:

Create an integrated package of academic budgeting policies, procedures, calendar, instruction manual and forms for planning, identifying and controlling all departmental income and expenses;

Study faculty income from University-affiliated sources, complete initial faculty-effort reporting survey, design and implement initial budget review and analyze clinical cost-center budget requests, all for the Dean of the Medical School;

Design procedures and a computerized template to help identify reductions in Medical School budget requests;

Develop monthly departmental budget reporting, monitoring and correction systems and materials;

Identify follow-up projects, work-plans and project-control mechanisms for the Medical School to prepare for the annual budget hearings; and

Develop a plan for coordinated administrative reviews by the three Deans of University schools (undergraduate, graduate and medical school).