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Murray Dropkin & Associates
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Providing assistance with Revenue Enhancement and Cash Flow

We worked with the President and senior management of a 400-bed Hospital to:

Assist with evaluation and closedown of unprofitable business affiliates and properties.

Prepare estimated profit-and-loss analyses of several major service units and individual physicians.

Identify the extent of, and problems related to, the hospitalís self-pay receivables, and initiated more aggressive attempts to collect these receivables.

Identify the need to have physicians properly credentialed with payers.

Coordinating outsourcing of billing, credentialing, and collections functions to improve efficiency and performance.

Coordinating efforts among clinical and operations units to better obtain patient insurance information, improve charge capture procedures, update the Hospital Charge master, and improve overall communications.

Conduct a comprehensive revenue cycle review.

Help design and implement a hospital-wide revenue enhancement initiative.